Age-able — The time is now

As far as I can see there is no greater time of need to work together as a society to see a way through COVID. The ageing landscape is changing faster than we can ever imagine — we feel now is the right time to be provocative and turn these frustrations and sickening inequalities heightened through COVID into an energy to create change.

“We are committed to playing our role in harnessing the future we want to see in the care/ageing world.”

There are 2 main areas of work and consultancy I’m exploring. The first is helping organisations/companies that exist now to be better, and the second is to work toward the new era of the care sector in creating the narrative of what comes next.

As Mariana Mazzucato, UCL Professor, Director of Institute for Innovation & Public Purpose puts it so eloquently:

‘It only makes sense to go back to normal, if normal was good. Now is the time for radical change, now is the time for reinventing- not just the economy but our organisations, our services, our systems.’

Things can only go back to the way they were before if things were better before if things were okay before. But let’s face it — in the care and ageing space there have been many gaps when it comes to support and need and I would like to help fill each and every one of them. And it is in that standpoint — I present a call to arms for all those in the ageing and care sector to ‘re-new’.



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We use imagination & creativity to re-design the way we live, age & care.