Designer in Residence Launch

2 min readOct 15, 2020


We are very excited to share that we are hosting a Designer in Residency Programme that we are hosting together with Eric Kihlstrom for the Aging 2.0 Network to learn all about how design can help you take your idea/project/business to the next stage.

As part of the networks current focus on design — we are very excited to share our up-coming programme of design-led-events. Join us for our very first ‘Designer in residence’ programme launch on the 20th October @ 2pm. The ‘Designer in residence’ gatherings are a partnership with Ageable and will take place every other Tuesday, if you are interested in joining the launch — then Sign Up Here.

As Eric from the network writes — You will have the opportunity to learn more about the importance, impact and the case for design from the team running the Healthy Ageing by Design, more about our Designer in Residency and how you can benefit.

You’ll also get the chance to meet Alice, and learn how Ageable uses design and creativity to re-design the ways that we live, age and care.

The Healthy Ageing by Design project has a single-minded vision “To help people live longer, better lives through inspirational and effective design”.

One of the project outcomes is expected to be a “Design Age Accelerator”. The ambition of the project is to address, head on, the under-valuing and low investment in user- centred design by businesses, by connecting solution providers with the UK’s world leading user-centred design skills and resources. The aim is to increase the scale of adoption and ‘investability’ of innovative and disruptive solutions to meet the growing demands of the expanding healthy ageing market. Below is an excerpt from their project.

Better by design

Design thinking is a proven methodology that accelerates innovation, delivers higher performance and will enable people to age healthily, live longer better lives through increasing the effectiveness of services that lead to improved social outcomes.

Design is the glue that brings entrepreneurs and customers together to solve problems and the rocket fuel that boosts innovation. The Accelerator will co-design an innovative prototype service proposition, to enable healthy ageing market entrepreneurs, businesses providing solutions and public service commissioners to access the user insight, design tools and capability they need to maximise the impact of their propositions and accelerate growth.

Design’s value is proven. McKinsey reports businesses that value design outperform industry benchmark growth two to one and UK Design Council demonstrates a ROI of £20 for every £1 invested in design. However, 42% of start-ups fail because they lack a deep understanding of their market and only 50% of businesses conduct user-research before generating first stage ideas.

More is available on their Linkedin page here, including their most recent blog Acting Faster.

Sign up to the kick off session next Tuesday 20th @ 2pm.




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