Transitions Talk

The future of care

Ageable is a product of my own experience, which is the intersection of design and innovation and ageing and care. It was a way of me being able to turn a lot of my own frustrations of seeing what was really happening through the care sector, especially during the pandemic, and change things around the sector I really care about.

We’re in a care crisis

I’m really inspired by a group of academics called the care collective who have written this book, The Care Manifesto, which really pushes for this notion of universal care. This is very much the type of future that I’d like to be seeing Ageable contributing towards.

Communities can save us

In terms of how we get towards this future, for me it’s communities that have saved us through COVID, they filled the gaps. And we need to be much better at building communities of care. For too long, we’ve been relying on other services and other places that have not been able to properly meet our needs. But imagine if we could get that capacity within our communities and the resources they need to develop their own ways of working and supporting each other.



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We use imagination & creativity to re-design the way we live, age & care.